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Prepare and present a comprehensive customer journey map with our B2B Customer Journey Map Powerpoint Template. The B2B (business to business) selling involves selling products, services, or information between two companies. It can range from the exchange of raw materials to SaaS products. As this type of sales is not concerned with the direct consumers, the customer journey is quite different. In the B2B customer journey, professionals interact with the selling party and analyze the proposition in every aspect; for instance, competitive analysis, price comparisons, feasibility analysis, and then carry out formal burying protocols that include meetings or training. After making a purchase, they keep in touch through events for making renewals in the future.

This customer journey map template is a matrix chart with five columns representing the B2B customer journey stages: Awareness & Consideration, Decision, Onboarding, Post-Sales, and Renewal. It shows the following factors for each stage that are:

  • Customer goals: Indicating what customers will do at each stage, like, signing in and convincing colleagues.
  • Customer journey and touchpoints: It is a horizontal flow diagram with infographic icons representing touch points
  • Thinking: Mentions what customers think of the selling organization at different points of their journey
  • Emotions: Emojies on graphical lines are used in this row to represent the customer satisfaction levels
  • Points of delights: Indicates on which provisions customers feel delighted
  • Pain Points: Shows points at which the customer party faces trouble
  • Opportunities: These are the drawn suggestions based on the points of delight and pain that the selling company should consider

These one-pager B2B Customer Journey Map Powerpoint Template sections are editable. So, presenters can conveniently showcase their B2B customer journey map based on user persona or research. Business professionals can use this slide in their presentations to discuss corporate sales and how they can improve the user experience on each level. This PPT template is also customizable with Google Slides and Keynote.

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