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Our Agile Roadmaps Template Presentation is a set of editable slides for presenting the project plans in terms of short milestones and targets. Agile project management methodology promotes delivering the output in smaller episodes rather than a cumulative release. It is mainly applied in software development, where teams collaborate to create the desired software according to the planned framework. We have designed this agile roadmap template with three planner slides to showcase the status and assignment of different tasks to the corresponding teams. Professionals can edit and use these timeline templates for weekly or monthly meetings. Besides agile, it is also helpful for project managers to showcase their project plans.

We can find a three-column layout on the first slide, each represented through distinct colors. All the columns contain editable text areas with a white background against the colored column design. The first column mentions the tasks with to-do status, the next one for in-progress, and the third shows completed tasks. This way, professionals can segregate their project tasks and plan to proceed accordingly. The second and the fourth slide have a similar structure, i.e., both represent the teams along the rows and the timeline along the columns. For the second slide, there are four vertical columns, each representing the quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). Users can add relevant notes or task descriptions to each column in the rows of associated teams. Similarly, the fourth slide is a 5 column lean canvas indicating the phases. Presenters can either delete or add an extra column to this slide according to the discussed plan.

On the third slide of this Agile Roadmaps Template Presentation, there are 12 vertical segments arranged in two rows. Each vertically rectangular section represents a month of the year. Presenters can mention agile milestones for every month in each color-coded shape. Users can also edit the titles to represent days, weeks, or years instead of months. So, agile project managers can benefit from these ready-made slides for preparing professional presentations that are engaging as well. This roadmap template can be edited with PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.

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