9 Box Talent Review Model PowerPoint Template

The 9 Box Talent Review Model PowerPoint Template is a creative grid layout for presenting the employee evaluation report during the talent review. The talent review is a process in which the HR and other professionals discuss the performance and contribution of each worker to the organization. And on this basis, define their future placements. 

This talent review model evaluates the workforce concerning two parameters, shown along this graphical diagram’s X and Y-axis. These parameters are: 

  • Performance: measured by consistent results and reviews of employees’ duties. 
  • Potential: refers to the predictive capabilities of the employees that will affect the company in the future. 

Through this chart, the professionals segregate the talent into three levels High, Low, and Moderate levels of both parameters. The low and high levels are two extremes: the Bad Hires and the company’s Stars, respectively. The moderate level indicates the employees whose performance is not very high, but their tendency to be valuable is more. This category includes the Core Players, High Potential Workers, etc. All the categories are represented through colored rectangular shapes carrying the relevant graphic icons. 

In short, the professionals can use this descriptive chart of the 9 Box Talent Review Model to analyze the current situation, i.e., the employees’ performance, and plan several actions. For example, certain employees are designated as Potential Gems predicted to occupy leadership roles. Similarly, for the Backup, professionals decide to hold on for future needs. This quick matrix layout also finds its applications in Skill Development Program presentations. 

The 9 Box Talent Review Model PowerPoint Template is 100% editable on PowerPoint and Google Slides. The colors used in the boxes are changeable, and the company can design the template colors according to its theme. So, download and customize this template to prepare a talent review model.

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