9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Template

Matrix Model Diagram for Talent Review
Presentation of Talen Matrix in 9 Box Grid

The 9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Template is a 3×3 chart for the HR performance model. McKinsey developed this model of talent review to unlock the true potential of a team of employees. A 9-box grid is a human resource evaluation tool for any company’s talent based on performance and potential. Performance reviews measure the performance. Whereas, potential is an individual’s ability to grow in their professional capacity. This matrix model is helpful in the talent review process. It helps the HR professionals to place individuals in 9 boxes based on their performance and potential. The PowerPoint template of 9-Box will help demonstrate the talent categories.

Apart from placing individuals in a pre-defined criteria box, this 9 box matrix template enables organizations to develop skill development programs with a talent matrix slide. The 9 categories contribute to developing programs based on individuals’ potential and performance. At the low-to-moderate point of performance and potential are risk, inconsistent players, and average performers. On moderate-to-high are the core players, high-potential, and high performers. Whereas on low-high are the two extremes of potential gems and solid performers. Lastly, the high potential and high performers are the Star.

The 9-Box performance model template is a quick matrix layout used in talent management presentations. This nine-box template will assist the human resources professionals evaluate the contribution level of staff to the company. The two slides of the 9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Template offer two background color options to incorporate into HR presentations easily. You can also change the text and colors of all 9 boxes from the formatting menu of editable slides. Alternatively, you can download other 9-box grid templates and presentation slides for modeling and presenting a 9-box grid.

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