5 Negotiation Strategies PowerPoint Template

The 5 Negotiation Strategies PowerPoint Template is a four-quadrant diagram for discussing the negotiation strategies in detail. The negotiation strategies are five ways of collaboration between two parties having conflicts of interest or decisions. The contradictory situations happen in many instances, like business dealing, partnerships, real-estate activities, and decision-making. The 5 strategies for negotiation are categorized based on two main parameters: the degree of assertiveness (importance of outcome) and the degree of cooperation (importance of relationship). Based on these parameters, different negotiation behaviors evolved. For instance, if a party is more interested in pursuing a good relationship with the other party and is ready to compromise on its stance, this negotiation behavior is called accommodating or yielding. Likewise, the other categories have their striking features, such as:

  • Avoiding (low importance of relationship and low importance of the outcome)
  • Competing (high importance of outcome and low importance of relationship)
  • Collaborative (high importance of outcome and high importance of relationship)
  • Compromising (a mix of all situations where both parties compromise specific things)

This 5 Negotiation Strategies PowerPoint Template features a matrix diagram indicating the two parameters on the perpendicular axes with proper labels and degrees of variation. In between these axes, the four color-filled quadrants showcase the strategies with representative graphical icons. The first slide briefly describes each strategy, while the second slide is simpler and mentions the names of the categories. The compromised state is a central block in the middle of the four quadrants. Users can change the colors and populate the slides according to their presentation requirements. Both strategy slides are also provided with a dark background color option. This PPT template can be employed for strategy and business discussion presentations. It can also help educators elaborate the negotiation behaviors. So, download and try this 5 negotiation strategies PowerPoint template for your presentations now!

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