4 Step Segmented Infinity Loop Diagram for PowerPoint

4 Steps Loop Diagram Template for PowerPoint
Slide of 4 Segments for Loop Process Flow

The 4 Step Segmented Infinity Loop Diagram for PowerPoint is an infographic layout design. The figure of 8 symbolizes a concept of countless or limitless processes. The diagram of the infinite divides the shape into 6 parts. You can choose from black and white background slide options according to presentation theme. The four segments of the infinite loop template contain round clipart icons with core elements in the center of diagram. You can highlight the presentation topic at the center of diagram with four additional segments representing a loop process. These infinity loop slides are suitable for visualizing an idea of continuity using the graphic metaphor.

4 Step Segmented Infinity Loop Diagram for PowerPoint is used in all types of business presentations to describe ongoing operations. You can present a circular flow of tasks like the lifecycle concept using a circular loop diagram template. You can describe these ongoing operations, circular flows, and lifecycle using this diagram for PowerPoint. The segmented infinity loop template shows an easy-to-follow line with 4 circular icons representing four stages. The outer loop incorporates four multi-shade segments providing space for text and clipart icons. Light bulb icons, for example, define brainstorming ideas about innovation within the process cycle. Binoculars are used for searching or finding solutions. Dartboard represents target customers or reaching goals. The funnel symbol is used in marketing or information centers to filter important data.

Alternatively, you can download other variants of this 4 step infinity loop design for presentations, with a different number of steps:

The PowerPoint diagram template for 4 steps infinity loop helps showcase subjects tied to a continuous process flow. SlideModel catalog offers an infinity loop diagram for 6 steps PowerPoint presentation. You can use these slides for various workflows in business or otherwise. Alternative to the circular process cycle, an infinity loop template shows a direction of activities in a clockwise and anti-clockwise process.

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