4-Step Customer Journey Mapping Template for PowerPoint

Editable Slide Template for Customer Journey Mapping
PowerPoint Template Slide for 4-Step Customer Journey Mapping

The 4-Step Customer Journey Mapping Template for PowerPoint is a creative presentation layout for mapping the customer journey phases. Customer journey mapping means creating an outline of distinct steps followed by the users to become customers. The map displays the various touchpoints by which the users interact with the brand and their particular experience. It can either be a theoretical track created using the user personas or a physical storyline of a customer. Thus, our 4-step customer journey map can be used for either purpose by editing its components accordingly. The customer journey maps help the marketing and sales departments enhance the touchpoints and analyze the positive or negative results of the new marketing strategies. Professionals also devise new policies for the betterment of the user experience.

Our 4-Step Customer Journey Mapping Template for PowerPoint is a horizontal process diagram designed using the illustration of folded ribbon. Each curve depicted through a distinct shade represents the stages of the customer journey. These curves show the editable phase number labels and meaningful icons. And in between, there are description and title areas where users can add the representative headings for each stage. The two ends of the ribbon show starting and ending year timeline tags.

The presenters can choose between the two available background color variations of the template slide. Likewise, they can edit this process diagram design according to the requirement, i.e., change the timeline label from years to months. Also, the step title can be used in place of the phase number, e.g., the four stages for a customer journey map Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Service. Overall the design of the slides is made attractive through appropriate font color contrast with the background. Presenters can use these slides to discuss the customer journey and its aspects in their professional presentations. Further, the template is entirely editable, and users can customize it using PowerPoint or Google Slides. Alternatively, you can download other customer journey map templates or process diagram slides for presentations.

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