3H Hustler Hacker Hipster Diagram for PowerPoint

Hustler Hacker Hipster PPT Template
3H Concept of Minimum Viable Team Template with Icons
3H Pyramid Diagram for Founding Team
Ring PPT Diagrams for 3H of Founding Team
Diagram Template Design for Hustler Hacker Hipster with Icons
3H of Minimum Viable Team - PPT Template
Hustler Hacker and Hipster PPT Diagram for Presentation
Pyramid Diagram for 3H - Black Background
Template Slide for 3H Ring Diagrams with Icons
Sections Slide for 3H Hustler Hacker Hipster - Black Background

Our 3H Hustler Hacker Hipster Diagram for PowerPoint is a deck of creative slides to present the core components of a minimum viable team. The 3H concept is applied for team building. The three words Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster, refer to the essential characteristics of the team members. In other words, during the team building for startups and new businesses, there should be three kinds of people in a team, i.e.,

  • Hustler: The one who is an expert in customer experience and drives sales for your product or service. Usually, these kinds of people have explicit communication and selling skills that help promote the business.
  • Hacker: Hackers are the ones with a passion for creating products. Such people take a keen interest in giving a practical look to any innovative idea.
  • Hipsters: The people who sit back and prepare a plan or design for the product. Such people consider the demands of the users and design new services or products accordingly.

By choosing the right talent according to these criteria, businesses can take a boost. This 3H Hustler Hacker Hipster Diagram for PowerPoint is based on the visual representation of this idea using the different PowerPoint diagrams. For instance, the simple Ven diagram illustration represents the three components of an ideal team, and the overlapping shows the co-relation. Similarly, the other two slides with circular diagrams depict the same idea. The meaningful graphic icons decorate the slides, and users can also add the relevant description in placeholder text areas.

The pyramid illustration in the 3H Hustler Hacker Hipster template showcases the idea of workflow between the three segments of the team. Likewise, a simple slide with three rectangular sections carrying the graphic icons adds further details. All these slides are also available in black background color variation. Presenters can choose between these slides and incorporate them into their business presentations.

This PPT template is entirely customizable, i.e., presenters can change colors, font styles, arrangement of text boxes, etc. So, download this engaging PowerPoint Template and customize it using all major versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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