3D Six Stages Cube & Pyramid PowerPoint Diagram

PowerPoint Diagram of 3D Cube and Pyramids
PowerPoint Shapes of Cube and Pyramid in Circular Diagram
PowerPoint Diagram Six Steps Cubes and Pyramids
Six Stages PowerPoint Diagram Top 3D Pyramid
PowerPoint Diagram with Second Stage Pyramid Highlight
PowerPoint 3D Pyramid Highlighted un Front Right Cube Side
PowerPoint Fourth Segment Pyramid
PowerPoint 3D Pyramid in Front Left Cube Side
PowerPoint Diagram Sixth Pyramid Colored
PowerPoint Diagram Top and Bottoms Stages Highlighted
PowerPoint 3D Six Stages Diagram

The 3D Six Stages Cube and Pyramid PowerPoint Diagram from SlideModel brings you an innovative new way to simply demonstrate to your clients a six step procedure. This PowerPoint template consists of a complex star-like shape that has been made up out of six individually editable pyramid shaped PowerPoint Clipart. This image forms the basis of many of the slides and as such creates a sense of unity throughout the presentation and will not be a distracting influence. As the slide show progresses, you will see that different sides of the cube are highlighted to allow the presenter to discuss that aspect of the procedure.

This PowerPoint template could be used in a number of ways to illustrate six key steps in any profession. You might decide to use this modern and vibrant PowerPoint template to demonstrate, for example:

  • the six P’s of Marketing
  • the six steps Sales Process
  • the six steps Talent Management Framework
  • the six steps of a new product Go To Market
  • the six steps in the manufacturing process that you are trialling
  • the six steps to setting up a new business
  • the six steps of a marketing process you are developing for a client

The 3D Six Stages Cube & Pyramid PowerPoint Diagram is a creative presentation template design for Microsoft PowerPoint that professional presenters can use to describe any process or topic that involves up to six steps or concepts. Fully editable, you can use this template as it is with its flat background and warm palette, or chose to personalize it with an image of your choosing. Also, each pyramid piece is created as an individual PowerPoint Shape, allowing the user to fully customize its appearance and effects. This template can also be useful for users looking for an inverted pyramid design in PowerPoint or to reuse the pyramid shapes in presentations.

Impress your audience with this top-notch 3D Diagram that appeals to executive audiences.

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