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Create modern presentations with multiple stages using the 3D Layered Diagram Template for PowerPoint. The red, violet, and yellow color scheme makes each layer stand out against the plain presentation background. The multi-step diagram design is created in PowerPoint, to prepare presentations with artistic 3D and perspective effects.

Most business plans have several layers that represent stages of implementation. In marketing plans, these stages can represent levels of market penetration. In generic business plans, the stages can refer to specific phases of construction or implementation of the plan itself. Most of these stages begin with generic elements, before going in-depth to elements that are more specific.

The slide designs allows the presenter to show five stages of a process or plan. These can be presented vertically, to demonstrate the level of priority for each stage, or horizontally, to show their position in a timeline. The segments can be removed to show stages that can be skipped or those that are irrelevant to the discussion.

The PowerPoint template contains three slides. The first one features a stack of five 3D squares at the center. These squares are colored red, violet, yellow, gray, and white. Each square is accompanied by a text placeholder where the presenter can insert notes and descriptions. The second slide contains the same stack. However, in this slide, it is shown horizontally. The last slide has the vertical stack, but it is missing the violet and yellow squares. This can indicate that the missing segments have not been implemented or have been removed from the procedure for simplicity.

Ideal for presenting multi-stage plans or to substitute bullet lists, the 3D Layered Diagram Template for PowerPoint has eye-catching graphics to enhance the presentation look and feel. The PowerPoint objects are flexible, so the user can insert text or modify their color, size, and arrangement without affecting image resolution.

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