3 Step Spherical Segmented Diagram for PowerPoint

3 Step Sphere Inside a Circular Diagram with Petals
Spherical Diagram Design for PowerPoint
Spherical Diagram Design for PowerPoint Step 1

Generate catchy visuals for cyclical presentations using the 3 Step Spherical Segmented Diagram for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint template contains 3 dynamic spheres. They come in a variety of colors that can be used to represent processes. The design offers a continuous look making the concepts easy to grasp.

Cycles are sets of on going systems. The slide design applies to the concept of Water Cycle. This includes 3 operations namely evaporation, condensation and precipitation. All the procedures are equally important. This means that missing one point can have a vital effect on the whole. The cycle cannot move on to condensation if the evaporation phase in incomplete. The same thing will happen to precipitation if the condensation part is not successful.

Using the diagram, the presenter can capture the way one step ends and how the other step starts clearly. The design helps stress out all topics by making separate slides for each. The first and last slides can perfectly summarize the whole discussion.

The PowerPoint template has 7 slides. The first one goes with a sphere in the middle and is surrounded by segments. This can symbolize the Earth and the Water Cycle that takes place in it. The user can present the names of the phases of water cycle in the second slide. The next slides can be used to detail each phase. The graphics avoid the presenter to crowd the report with text. This allows the audience to imagine the cycle thoroughly. Lastly, the last slide allows a recap which is the most important part. This outlines the whole presentation. It is highlighted by a blue background. However, all colors can be personalized according to the user’s need.

Be creative and impress your audience through the 3 Step Spherical Segmented Diagram for PowerPoint. Market your ideas in a professional manner. Circular diagrams can also be downloaded from the SlideModel gallery.

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