3 Level Funnel Diagram Template for PowerPoint

3 Level Funnel Diagram Template for PowerPoint is a presentation template with a nice funnel diagram design that you can use to prepare presentations on marketing plans with awesome marketing or sales funnel analysis slides.

Created to be a neat and professional ppt template for presenting a process in its different steps. In several situations, a simple and clean PowerPoint template is required to explain a process. An example usage scenario would be a Marketing Manager describing the online marketing funnel to an executive audience. Three different stages of any process are Initiation, Progression and Termination. The three small cylinders show these three steps and each has a volume to explain. They are connected in the flow by the arrow heads. In the Marketing context, the Marketing Manager could explain the strategies behind Acquisition, Conversion and Retention.

Explaining a project can be described as the art of presenting one step at a time; the 3 level process flow template for PowerPoint guides the user through the crafting of this message . Starting with an overview of the process and following with the different stages involved. Once done, the layout changes to highlight one point and fade others away. This simple effect makes it suitable for students to elaborate their projects. The first step is highlighted first and once that is done, the layout changes to highlight second one and move on to the last one once completed.

Another feature of this template is that it can also be used as an organizational chart template with the cylinders and arrows showing the flow of authority from the top management to the worker level. The order is passed on from the top management to the lower management and they distribute the work to workers and labors. The layout of the slides allows the user to add text adjacent to the level required giving the necessary explanation to convey the message clearly. 

Impress your audience with the 3 Level Funnel Diagram Template for PowerPoint and create presentations that appeal to executives.