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Presentation of 4 Steps Puzzle Layout
PowerPoint Puzzle Step 1 Diagram
PowerPoint Puzzle Step 2 Diagram
PowerPoint Puzzle Step 3 Diagram
PowerPoint Puzzle Step 4 Diagram

The Free Puzzle Diagram for PowerPoint is an illustration of 4 puzzle pieces. The puzzle diagram templates are useful for describing interlocked processes or elements. It helps the audience to visualize how processes are connected to form a perfect system. This PowerPoint diagram template will help present a bigger picture of system and processes that make it work. Every piece of puzzle is positioned in a way that represents a specific connection to other three pieces. In this way, the puzzle diagram template simplifies a more complex model of processes through creative visuals.

The free slides of puzzle diagram template contain five slides of four-piece process flow design. Out of these, four slides are designed to focus on one item separately. The clipart icons on each segment are useful for visually representing topic’s sub-titles. For instance, a handshake icon for introductions, lightbulb for sharing ideas, a user-group icon that can reflect on teamwork, and gear for implementation. These icons could be used for presentations about strategy and planning.

The Free Puzzle Diagram for PowerPoint is a flat design for professional presentations. Each piece of puzzle in an individual PowerPoint shape. The users can customize design of these shapes from PowerPoint menu. For example, changing the color or size of vector-based puzzle or replacing clipart icons in the diagram.


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