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Free PPT Slide with Editable Infographic Icons
PPT Slide with Editable Icons - Free Presentation Template

Our Free PowerPoint Icons Slide Template is a customizable collection of infographic icons. Every professional is always familiar with using icons in their routine presentations. Infographic icons are small, simple images of real-life objects that help in the visual explanation of the concept. For instance, a search symbol directly conveys the idea of researching and finding something. So, through these illustrations, you can communicate more using fewer words. Also, in company and marketing presentations, these PowerPoint icons contribute to brand representation and the attendees to bring clear takeaways. This free download PowerPoint template provides icons that are created using different shapes. Presenters can copy these icons, color-fill them according to their needs, and use them in their presentations. The size can also be adjusted without affecting the graphical characteristics.  

The Free PowerPoint Icons Slide Template features the infographic icons of:

  • Pie chart
  • Presentation board with bar graph
  • Settings symbol
  • Search
  • Target board
  • Line graph, Bar chart, and dot plot
  • Flowchart
  • Globe
  • Notepad & Calendar
  • Shopping cart
  • Money coins
  • Community with a message symbol

Professionals can use these symbols in business, educational, scientific, research, and real-estate presentations based on the presentation requirements. Further, these free icons for PowerPoint can be used on posters and social media posts for pictorial representation. The first slide of this free PPT template carries black colored icons with a plain white background. In contrast, the other slide has the same icons with a black outline and no color fill. Users can copy and paste these icons or ungroup each element to make several design changes accordingly. Presenters can easily associate the illustrations with their topics. The icons are also fully compatible with Google Slides and Keynote. Hence, download and try these best ppt icons free download for Powerpoint today!


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