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The Free McKinsey 7S Framework Slide Template for PowerPoint is a management model design for company presentations. The McKinsey 7s model illustrates the core components of an organization that must be aligned and balanced to produce better results. The diagram shows these seven components, with 6 arranged at the hexagon’s corners around the central one. The interconnecting lines between the segments show an extensive connection between the departments. The seven elements discussed in this free McKinsey 7s model are:

  • Strategy: The plan of the company that directs all the operations
  • Structure: It tells how the organization’s teams and departments are structured
  • System: The system defines the activities carried out by the staff (general rules)
  • Skills: Skills describe the available skills at the organization (mastery of the team members)
  • Staff: It indicates the members’ expertise in their respective work areas.
  • Style: Style is how the higher executive tier manages the organization.
  • Shared Values: This code of conduct is applicable at every level of the organization, also called superordinate goals. The values are common and central to each working segment; thus, it is placed at the axis of all other components in the McKinsey model.

This McKinsey 7s presentation template provides an editable layout comprising hexagonal shapes representing the 7s of the Mckinsey framework. The initial slides show this diagram against a white background with a mentor human illustration. On the following slide, the Free McKinsey 7S Framework Slide Template for PowerPoint categorizes the 7s into two types, i.e., soft (Staff, Style, Skills, Shared Values) and hard (Strategy, Structure, System). The hard refers to the segments easily controllable by the management, while the soft ones are intangible. This concept is visually presented through a slide with half-white and half-black background colors that divides the diagram into these two categories. The same set of descriptive slides is also available on black background.

Our free McKinsey 7s template is entirely editable with text areas to mention the key points. Users can download and apply this layout for company presentations. For instance, to discuss implementing a new strategy on how various organization departments will be coordinated. Professionals can also discuss their business model with these editable slides.


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