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Presentation of Journey Map 4 Phases and Touchpoints

A customer journey mapping is an experience exercise to understand how consumers engage with the product. The four stages of customer journey mapping are Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention & Advocacy. The method takes important details about users such as emotional transformation, touchpoints, and UX (User Experience) opportunities. It leads to developing improved customer interaction processes that help reduce time and cost of service.

One example of customer journey mapping is an eCommerce store. The store may target potential customers through social media posts of ads (Awareness). Interested buyers will then look for a website and contact information (Consideration). Once a purchase is made (Conversion), the next step is making customers come back for more and refer others (Retention & Advocacy).

The Free Customer Journey Map Template for PowerPoint presents four phases of customer interaction with an organization. The 1-slide PowerPoint template for customer journey provides an overview of user experience from three perspectives. The aforementioned are the process, feelings, and pain points. The map template presents a data table layout containing customer journey stages with emojis on the left corner. The graph template shows touchpoints that potential buyers take to achieve specific goals. Alternatively, you can download other customer journey map templates from our main catalog.

The Free Customer Journey Map Template is a fully customizable chart design. The curve of touchpoints can be changed by choosing the edit shape option in Format menu. Emoji icons in the customer journey map are also editable. The users can choose different facial expressions to examine touchpoints and rate customer’s experiences.


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