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Creative Bar Chart Presentation Mountain

The Free 5 Step Mountain Concept for PowerPoint is a single slide layout presenting statistical data. It is a bar chart PowerPoint using peaks of mountain as data points. This slide can benefit presenter while demonstrating sales and marketing analysis, or financial growth of a company. Because mountains graphically present the metaphor for growth, achievements, and success. There is a yellow flag placed on top of last mountain represents the reaching point i.e. an ultimate goal. The template also displays a gradual increase in the size of mountain segments and the percentage. This increase portrays the growth and improvement in the process or company’s performance. SlideModel provides another bar chart presentation of curves and mountain concept for business vision. But the 5 steps mountain illustration slide is useful to discuss certain peak and low points of a process against different parameters.

The Free 5 Step Mountain Concept for PowerPoint is an editable slide offering number of customization and personalizing options. The users can change the text in placeholders, and its font and color. Although the slide shows numerical value representing each segment, users can insert clipart icons. In this way, the icons will have an additional graphically representation of terms. This mountain concept diagram design is a flat vector set of overlapping segments. To resize these segments, user can simply ungroup the figure and use mouse pointer to increase or decrease the height. Furthermore, they can alter the tangerine background. It will eventually change the color fill of mountains since it is an outline shape of an overlapping bar chart. Alternatively, you can become premium and download the mountain concept for PowerPoint.

The free slide template of mountain concept could present the academic and public speech PowerPoint apart from business. The engaging design visually helps an audience to pay more attention. Because it is a creative way to represent data in bar chart, suggesting thinking outside the box. But the layout of 5 step diagram also aids to deliver concept of growth and success without extensive explanation.


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