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Free 4 Step Business Funnel Template for PowerPoint – A creative layout of horizontal design that illustrates sales and marketing process. Here, funnel shape diagram is a metaphor for the filtering process. This filter could be lead generation, target market, or qualified sale. And, the process helps in eliminating unreliable or unnecessary data and values to produce an accurate outcome. This template contains two horizontal funnel layouts. Each diagram has four levels showing circles as data units. The first slide of business funnel template shows four zone columns and item rows. While the second slide shows circular units representing data types.

The Free diagram of 4 step business funnel PowerPoint template is an analysis presentation. Therefore, it is suitable for problem-solving, root cause analysis. The PowerPoint diagram of business funnel is useful in many industries to present wide range of concepts and models. The funnel layouts are often used in strategic planning presentation of corporate world. Because funnel, along with other analysis tools like SWOT matrix, 5 whys etc. can elevate success. With the graphic layout of funnel, professional can better explain the stages or processes and attract more audience.

The Free 4 Step Business Funnel Template for PowerPoint use visual graphics to explain stages or levels. It is a frequently use diagram, therefore, SlideModel presents variety of templates with funnel designs. This editable template assist enables users to customize colors, shapes, text, and icons.


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