Animated Quadrants Culture Vs Strategy

The Animated Quadrants Culture Vs Strategy is a powerful business presentation template. This template highlights the importance of organizational culture and how it affects various process strategies. The packman and ghosts graphics are often used as metaphor to describe culture vs. strategy concept. This concept portrays: organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast. And animated PowerPoint of culture vs strategy also displays similar graphics in second slide. Hence, culture should also be reviewed along with strategy as its crucial process. In theory, the strategy is a functional plan of company’s goals. Whereas, the culture explains same goals through values and beliefs. This animated quadrants PowerPoint contain 31 slides to deliver a complete framework in detail.

The Animated Quadrants Culture Vs Strategy demonstrates a framework of corporate leadership. This framework shows four factors as axis to manage and cultivate an organizational culture. Such as flexibility – stability as response to change and, interdependence – interdependence as interaction. There are further two elements in each quadrant which could depict culture style or capabilities. In this way, companies analyze which capabilities are necessary to successfully execute strategy or business model. The quadrants culture vs strategy template displays matrix and data table to explain all the essential factors and their impact. Because companies sometimes, forget about organizational culture while drafting corporate strategies.

The PowerPoint of animated quadrants for culture vs strategy shows capabilities as colorful circular units. The matrix diagram provides further slides using zoom-in effect in PowerPoint to focus on each culture style individually. And all the slides display high-quality graphics. Because the matrix design is flat vector image where resizing does not affect its resolution. Moreover, the animated table highlights various company culture styles by applying animation which dims the irrelevant elements.

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